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Escalators, Chocolates – Same Difference

box of chocolates
If Forrest Gump was right, then the business world is like an escalator.

Choosing the right step
When you’re first getting on, what motivates you? Is it looking up to the next level, seeing everyone else up there exploring new territory? Is it the promise of new places to shop (for clients)? Whichever it is, the escalator keeps on rolling whether you get on or not. You know what you have to do. How many opportunities will you miss before you take that step? As you look down at each new step appearing from under the floor, how do you know which is the right one to step on to? Well, it’s one of those moments of faith. Until you step up to making the choice to just take that first step onto the rolling metal wave, you won’t know. It’s a big choice choosing the right step. Yet, with the guidance of someone who’s done it a number of times, suddenly it’s less daunting. Hold hands, allow them to take the step with you and you’re on.

Holding hands
So how’s this like business, exactly? Well, business isn’t static. It’s constantly moving. To move onwards and upwards, you need a plan to get there. Your marketing activities are the escalator. It naturally moves with your business taking it up to the next level. So are you ready to take the next step in getting your business marketed to your customers? Get some guidance from an experienced marketer to help you take the next step. You’ll be working together because you bring your expertise in your business, its personality and your dreams and the marketer brings their toolbox. Neither of you can take charge and do it yourselves. It’s a team effort. And once you’ve got to the top of the escalator, you’ll either be ready for the another go or more confident in using what you’ve learned to go it alone.

The flavours you pick
And the chocolates? Well, you’ll be surprised by the kinds of plans your teamwork efforts will dream up.

If you realise guidance is what you need and teamwork what you’d like, drop me a line!
via email: claudine@triquetra-consulting.co.za
via phone: 083 415 2421
via my website: www.triquetra-consulting.co.za
I help business owners who know they need a marketing injection but who don’t have the know-how or time to implement marketing activities. I provide customised marketing for your business. For more information on my services, visit: www.triquetra-consulting.co.za/services

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